Thursday, September 09, 2010


I am awestruck! Last night, through the preaching of His Word, God sat me down, cupped my tear stained face in His hands and tenderly reminded me that He is in control. My wounds, though open and raw, have passed through his sovereign hands. He will dress my injuries and some day when they heal the scars will ever be a reminder of His love for me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Waiting for the Words

Hey everyone, I just wanted you to know I am doing well in my recovery from Surgery.  I haven't had the words (creatively) to write about Brandon's 18th B-day and post pics but I will soon.  Promise.   I'm still lost in the thought that my firstborn is now an adult.  

Friday, July 30, 2010

Slight Complication

A few days ago I noticed some redness and swelling in the skin directly below my lower surgery incision.  When I started feeling crummy I passed it off as doing too much.  I don't know how I could have thought that, it's not like I've been doing much of anything...but eat, sleep and rest.  Believe me, I've been taking it easy but figured I had taken one too many trips up and down the stairs.

After the area became more inflamed and tender I figured I better see a doctor.  I saw a doctor yesterday afternoon who said I definitely have an infection but he was pretty sure it had not yet entered into my abdomen.  He was glad I hadn't waited any longer.  I'm now on a multi spectrum antibiotic for 10 days.

As a note for those who are praying for me, I have a recheck appointment on Tuesday in Michigan.  I really would like to be feeling much better by Monday when I head up there.  Brandon will be going with me since Scott is traveling in the South on furlough meetings.   He may just end up doing most of the driving.  Watch out Detroit!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surgery Results

Thank you all for your faithful prayers for me on Monday, as well as for this week as I recover.

The surgery went well.  It did take longer than expected but I have done well with the recovery period.  I am very thankful to our friend Bonnie from our home church who gave us a place to stay this week.  She even gave up her bed for me so I wouldn't have to walk up stairs.

NOTE: More information about my surgery is included below if you are a man you may wish not to read beyond this point.

I have been dealing with an hormonal imbalance.  During treatment for that I developed severe physical side effects.  My treatment was immediately stopped and I was able to meet with doctors and have several tests done.  Some of that testing ended with a surgery date.

During the exploration part of my surgery the doctor was checking my reproductive organs and was unable to see my uterus.  It was hidden behind two very large ovarian cysts.  After removing the fluid, which looks OK, she proceeded with the exploration.

Many of my pregnancy ultrasounds revealed that I had intra-uterine fibroids, since my uterus is also enlarged this was one of the things for which the doctor was looking.  It does not sound like fibroids were found or visible.  However, each time she touched my uterus, to move my ovaries, etc, it bled, which can be indicative of Adenomyosis.  A condition where the endometrium grows inside the uterine walls.

In two weeks I have my recheck appointment at that time I should know what biopsies and labs revealed as well as more of the plan for further treatment.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Outpatient Surgery

Tomorrow we will be heading up to Michigan.  After we take the children to their grandparents we will head up to the hospital so I can have my pre-op blood work drawn.  And, Lord willing, at 7:15 AM on Monday, July 19th, I will be heading into the surgery room.

Everything is feminine in nature, hence the ambiguity, and a necessary part of any further treatment.  We are praying that the results the doctors are hoping for will be accomplished.  Thank you, in advance, for your prayers for safety and no complications.  I will do my best to have the blog updated once I am out of the hospital.    

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CIT Camp

Brandon and Kaitlin have been gone for just over a week now.  It is dull without Brandon and his antics.  And Kaitlin's quiet presence is missed.

After leaving church Sunday night Scott's phone showed a voice mail.  It was from Kaitlin.  I had been hoping all weekend to hear from them and was sorely disappointed when we missed her call.  Thankfully, a couple hours later the phone rang and Kaitlin was on the other end.  As I was chatting with her Brandon walked by so I was able to talk to him too.  When I was on the phone with him I told him to make sure that he made it into a camp picture.  He did it!  

They are really enjoying their CIT training and time at the Wilds.  God has already been at work in their hearts through the teaching and preaching of Jim Berg, Scott Ashmore, Tom Farrell, and others.  It's hard to believe but Brandon said on Sunday night he was already worn out.  From the picture above, taken this week at camp, he looks like his energy is back.

Thanks for praying for them!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Portions for Double Digits

Our little Addie is growing up and we can hardly believe she is now in the double digits.  Wasn't I just writing this about Beth?

This year we celebrated her birthday over several days.  A few days before her big day we went to the American Girl Doll place where she got a Just Like Me doll that is actually just like her Peruvian friend in Uruguay, Debora.  She opened her presents on her actual birthday.  (Of which I have no pictures because my camera battery was dead.)  Then we took her out shopping to spend some of her birthday money from grandparents.  Finally we ended with the traditional birthday dinner alone with me and Scott!

It is always interesting to take Adeline out to a meal.  Her severe food allergies, and the challenge we have when explaining to every waiter who serves us that certain things - dairy, eggs, peanuts, beef and shellfish - could kill her, usually cause us some anxiety.  They typically are accommodating and our allergy queen ends up with a somewhat healthy decent meal that doesn't cause an allergic reaction.  Although, there have been times when she has had bacon and applesauce to eat and nothing more I can assure you that she has been a good sport through all our travels.

Her choice for dinner was Red Lobster.  I know it's not exactly the place to take someone like her but she loves fish.  She ordered the broiled fish and broccoli (no butter, no seasonings) from the kids menu and it turned out that we should have ordered an adult portion.  She thought it was so yummy that her entire meal was gone before we had half of ours finished and she was begging for more.  It took a few minutes to get our servers attention and before long Adeline was savoring her second meal.

Adeline is our 4th child to reach the age of 10.  There were times when we wondered how she would make it out of childhood.  Though I know she is still a child she is mature beyond her years.  She has been through a lot in her 10 years of life and has an outlook that many adults lack.  We were thankful for her 10 years ago and we are ever the more thankful for her today!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

You know what they say about close...

it only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  In this case, the kick by Diego Forlán that hit the cross bar, was not close enough to tie up the game in order for Uruguay to have extra time against Germany.  Sadly, that slightly too high kick won Germany the Bronze medal in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup this year certainly was amazing.  It was more than thrilling when the soccer "giants" Brazil and Argentina were both eliminated fouling up their plans for a finals match against one another, only to see the under dog South American country of Uruguay advance through to the 3rd place match.  Even though they lost, it was a great game if I may say so myself.

 Without a doubt Uruguayans are disappointed.  Nevertheless, it has been exciting to watch our adopted country rally up behind their team and encourage them, even though they didn't make it to the first place match.  This little country of only 3 million people surprised the world with their "triple threat" and "fantastic four".  While South African crowds booed Luis Suárez we know he will be cheered for in Montevideo.  And I for one sure wish we were in country to witness firsthand the homecoming of La Celeste.  I can almost hear the cheering now, "Soy celeste, soy celeste, celeste soy yo!!!!"

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some Answers

After all the tests and exams we have some answers and have a plan to help deal with one of my major health issues.  My blood work came back good, for the most part and we were already aware of one of the things that was not in the normal range.  I will have 2 outpatient procedures done on the 19th that will allow for me to get continued treatment for this one ailment.

I had a stress test, to completely rule out my chest pain as being heart related.  We do not have the results back from that, however, my doctor isn't expecting anything major or he would have been notified already.  We are also waiting for some results back from some normal annual exams.

Though we still don't know the reason of the chest pain I am trusting that God will reveal that to the doctors in His timing.  It would be nice to be free of the pain but thankfully I have learned better to live with it, or at the least, tolerate it.

Thank you again for your prayers.  No doubt God was answering them as he arranged through our doctors office to get every test and exam done that I did in 3 short days.  Truly a miracle, especially the week before a holiday!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Well, my doctor and his staff have done it again.  I had several tests run yesterday both in his office and at the hospital.  Will go back to the hospital this afternoon for more tests.  Tomorrow I will see another doctor to have some things checked.  And will end the day back at my doctor's to get the results of everything.  Please pray that the reason for my physical ailments will be clear and we can get them resolved. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seeing Family Doctor Hoping For Some Answers

Yesterday I was pulled off some of my medicines because of complications I am experiencing.  It just so happened (in those God type of "coincidences") that our home church Pastor and his wife were visiting us for the day.  When we found out I could get an appointment with our family doctor for today they offered to bring me home with them.

So long story short I'll FINALLY be seeing my family doctor in person.  We have a great amount of confidence in him and he has been a tremendous help to us over the years.  I am really hoping, and praying, that once he sees me in person today he will know what is causing my pain and other health issues I've been experiencing.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers today as the Lord brings me to mind.  Pray for Dr. C to have wisdom and discernment.  Also pray that if I need to see a specialist I will be able to get in quickly so I can get back with my family sooner. 

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Update on the little but big prayer request.

I just wanted you all to know that there have been some improvements in some struggles I asked prayer for on May 11th.  I'm still having a hard time physically and I am able to finally able to sleep through the night, more or less, I still am up 1 or 2 times and that is with some medicinal help.

I did have some blood tests run and we discovered a physiological problem that is causing my insomnia as well as some of the other physical and emotional issues.  I started treatment for this about 3 weeks ago.  I am finally seeing some improvement and hope to be better from those issues in 3-6 months.  

However, I'm still experiencing the chest pain.  I had 10 days where I didn't, or at least it was so minimal I didn't notice but then it was back full force.  My chiropractor believes it is Costochondritis - inflammation of the breastbone and front ribs.  And with physical therapy, good posture and time it will heal.  I have felt better under his care than I have in years.  Especially having the scoliosis in my lower back worked on and my pelvis correctly aligned.

I had someone suggest to me that I may have fibromyalgia.  At this point only God really knows what is going on.  I plan to see my family doctor when we are in Michigan later this month.  Hopefully once he can look over all my exams and see me personally he'll be able to help us figure out what is happening.  Please pray God would reveal to him what is happening or lead in the right direction.  

Disney Trip

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder because I lacked pictures to share with you all.  Brandon and Kaitlin were the only ones to take their cameras, I didn't want to have that added responsibility on top of 8 kids in a crowd.  Anyway...thanks to the Lord's provision we were able to take a trip to Disney World the last part of May.  It was one of the best family trips we've ever had!  With 5 days in the parks there wasn't much any rest happening but the memories we have are priceless!  Absolutely priceless!  Enjoy the pictures!!!

All the kids with Lightning McQueen and Mater.

Silas did this when anything was amazing to him.  We called it the "Thrill Factor".
Brandon and Kaitlin took pictures everyday we headed to a new park.  They'll love me for this one.
Silas thought I needed to wear his hat while we waited in line for It's  Small World.
Simeon's hat gained all kinds of attention even the people in the Disney Gift Shops asked where we bought his hat...Wal Mart.  lol.

Adeline and Brandon on Dumbo.  We waited longer in line for this ride than any other.  Crazy!

2nd longest wait was for the Toy Story ride and it was great!  Very interactive and lots of fun.  Even the wait to go in was all decorated like we were toys in a kids bedroom.  An hispanic lady in line in front of us took to Silas because he understood Spanish and share her popcorn with him.  


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little, make that big....

...request.  Let's see how do I go about requesting prayer for something while being very vague about it without raising curiosity?  Hmmm, well, if there is a way I can't think of it right now.  So I'm going to stop trying to figure it out and just have out with it.  There are some overwhelming trials in my life for which I need faithful intercessory prayer.  

I can't share any specifics.  The fact that the trials continue on and on, seemingly without any reprieve, is becoming extraordinarily taxing!  I think  believe that I need to call upon those of you who are prayer warriors for me and my family to intercede often on our behalf.  

Please pray:
  1. That God would remove the trials completely but if He chooses not to that He would give me the strength to endure.  I am growing very weary in this spiritual battle!  
  2. That I would be able to get some good sleep.  I wake up many, many, many times throughout each night.  And have not felt rested for several years now.  
  3. That I would know and feel God's love for me through these trials.  
  4. And especially that my hope, which is very lacking right now, would be rekindled to a burning fire.      
Thanks in advance for your prayers!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Thoughts from our hearts to yours...

from all your little B's on this special Mother's Day.  And such sweet thoughts they are that grace the pages of a memory book dedicated by each one of my children to me, their mommy!

"I wanna cuddle" is what Silas thinks of and I'm so glad because his cuddles are just the best!

Simeon thinks I'm very pretty and he regularly tells me that so it was no surprise to read his thoughts.

From our eating fiend (Isabel) came these thoughts, "I think she's the bestest because she gives me snacks."

Nehemiah thinks I'm kind because I make delicious food and clean their clothes. :-)

I am "...Everything." to Adeline.  WOW.

Beth recalled things I have done for her to help her... and for taking her shopping.  She is pretty fun to shop with.

Kaitlin also noted some things I've done to encourage her.

While Brandon, among other things, thanked me for enduring his weirdness.  I guess it's my lot in life.  haha.

Things I've done because I love my children, things I've done because I want to have fun with them, things I've done for them because I want to be a good mother, and even things I've done while I've been discouraged and grumbled and complained wondering if anyone notices my sacrifices as a mother all come to the forefront of my mind as I read through these special book!

No doubt they've noticed the good and the bad.  And I'm so thankful that they sought to be a blessing to me this Mother's Day.  Since Brandon will be headed to college this fall this year was my last with all my children at home to celebrate with me.  It helps me to know that even though I fail...often...I have done something in my children's lives to impact them for good and to show them I love them.

One of those precious memories of motherhood...these two were watching TV and decided to fall asleep on each other.    


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Results of Prayer

For the Cajiuat family the Monday after Thanksgiving was the beginning of a life no one would ask for.  As they headed out in two cars to Christmas shop no doubt their minds were filled with the special gifts they could get for each other.

Plans quickly changed when 17 year old Joshua attempted to cross the road and was t-boned by another vehicle.  He sustained major injuries including brain trauma and a shattered pelvis.  His little brother, in the car with him, had minor injuries in comparison.  They were cut out of the car and Joshua was airlifted to the hospital.

We, along with countless others, began right away to pray for Joshua.  We watched as God answered one prayer after another.  Tears fill our eyes as we read updates written by his dad.  Each letter always having a specific prayer request and a specific praise.  Though we would not wish this on them again we are thankful for the testimony they have kept throughout all this time it has been an encouragement and a rebuke.  I doubt I would have been so faithful in glorifying the Lord.  

Brandon and Joshua have been friends for several years.

Tuesday we were able to see them all and as always they were a blessing.  We never fail to laugh out heads off when we are with them.  And we are always sharpened from their walk with the Lord.  Joshua still has a ways to go in his recovery and I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers.  If you have facebook you can join the Praying for Josh Cajiuat and family page or visit Joshua's Caring Bridge

   The last time we were together it was just Brandon and Josh who were teens.  This time there was 5.

Josh is an extraordinary young man as evidenced when he took some time to play air hockey with Simeon.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Youth Award's Banquet 2010

Those of you who follow my blog will remember that we used SIGMA in Uruguay.  The program we modeled ours from is the one featured in the blog.

Every year in the Spring Emmanuel Baptist Church holds their Youth Awards Banquet.  The youth staff decides upon a theme and later goes to work to transform the gym into an entirely different place.  In years past the gym became an ocean bottom, castle court, winter wonderland and this year it was a large cave complete with hanging boulders and bridges, water falls and spiders, and hidden treasure.  

The young people all attend in formal attire.  The ladies always wear formal gowns while the young men are now taking to donning tuxes.  When we knew we would be in the area for the banquet we decided to start looking for a dress for Kaitlin.  We got this at a Goodwill for $6!  The shawl was $12.  I made her necklace around the medallion that my step mom gave her for Christmas.  Her necklace was about the same.  Brandon's suit was decidedly more expensive but we were also getting him set up for college, so technically it was a twofer.  :-)
Kaitlin and Brandon looked so nice!

Kaitlin with some of the other young ladies.

The Nu Delta team giving out their teams character award.  In years past it has been individuals this year it was the team as a whole.  You can see the stage area decorations.

Kaitlin's team won.

This is the team Brandon was on.

I think this picture turned our better than the serious ones.

Here are more pictures of the decorations...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy BIrthday Nehemiah

Today is Nehemiah's 8th birthday.  It's hard to believe it was that long ago that I was trying to ignore contractions while I headed up my last Sarah's Daughter meeting as President.

I'll never forget Scott flooring the car on the way to the hospital when he discovered I was having contractions every 3 minutes.  And we were still 45 minutes out.

Nor how God providentially had him born in water so his shorter and wrapped umbilical cord would not cause him any harm at birth.

How can we forget the strong and powerful voice God has blessed our second son with.  Someday he will use it for something...we hope!  It was a blessing to hear him use it for the Lord the other night in church as he sang Jesus Loves Me.

He is a blessing to us and we are ever so thankful for our 5th child.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


These past couple months our family had the blessing of staying in a very nice home in the South Carolina piedmont (foothills).  The friend of friends made the home available to us.  It certainly was nice to have the space to spread out - Extreme Homemaker style!  The Lord really amazes us with the special ways He cares for our needs and beyond.

Since the house was out in the foothills and on Lake Keowee we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  A golf course hole was also near the house so we had many laughs at the golfers expense.  No doubt we could not have golfed any better.

Today we "moved out" of that house into a mission house nearby and we are once again enjoying the favor of the Lord.  He is always so good to us!!!  And with that move we are back in civilization, and all it's glorious modern technological advances.  AKA, internet!  You should be hearing more from me again. Hopefully that's a good thing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When I Grow Up

Our little Simeon is turning 5 this weekend.  He is still such a little guy it’s hard to comprehend that he is already 5.    
I realize, in stating that, that I missed blogging that Kaitlin and Bethany turned 15 and 12, respectively.  Kaitlin was out of town for her birthday.  So we drove over to see her and take her out for her birthday dinner.  Bethany had to wait for Kaitlin and Brandon to get back with us so they could babysit while we took her out to dinner.  
It sure is enjoyable to have the selection again of restaurants.  I’m thankful Simeon’s choice is cheap.
It has been a relief to celebrate their birthdays here in the states.  The ability to find quality toys or gifts at reasonable prices is the biggest plus.  Of course, the variety is great, and we haven’t even gone to Toys R Us...yet!  
My online time is still limited so I’ll close this celebration blog about Simeon with one of his funnies.  
“Daddy, when I grow up and become a Scott and Kere n becomes a Debbie and we have a little boy we are going to name him Simeon.”
Later he had a similar conversation with me saying that he was going to name his son Simeon.  I responded with, “Oh, a Simeon Junior, how nice.”  To which he responded with the same thing he said to Scott.  
This continues to make everyone laugh much to Simeon’s dismay as he doesn’t understand the funny part.  Someday he will.  I hope he forgives me for this blog. :-)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Potter's Wheel

I have had good intentions to blog but really have not had the opportunity.  As I write I’m without internet, so I find myself wondering what was it that I last blogged about?  I recall blogging about a furlough meeting, but now I wonder, “Did I really blog that or just think I needed to.”  
Oh, well!  I guess I’ll find out when I get online again, and post this blog.  :-)
The Lord has really been working in my heart the past few weeks.  I do not always appreciate the pressure He has applies as He molds me into the image of Jesus Christ.  It is never easy to be thankful through trials, heartaches, fears, frustrations, and even the results or consequences of our own sin!  Is it?  
I wish I could even say that I am always thankful when He allows me a little glimpse of what He is making me to be.  I can say I’m thankful for His mercy, and lovingkindness as He patiently works with this often hardened lump of clay.  
As I have pondered the work of the Lord in my life and heart lately, the words of the song The Potter’s House have come to mind, almost daily.  I heard this song for the first time during a Sara’s Daughters couples retreat while we were at Ambassador.   
The sounds are so familiar I’ve heard them before
There’ve been days before today, I’ve walked through this same door.
The crushing of the hardened clay, the grinding of the wheel
And out behind the potter’s house there is always the field, always the field
The field is such a sad place all covered with gloom
The vessels who are thrown there n’er see flowers bloom
They fought against the potter and rejected His wheel
Now there’s no place left to put them but out in the field, out in the field.
Make me again precious Lord, I understand
That the Potter Who works with me, toils with nail scarred hands.
Here I am, take me Lord, place me on your wheel,
I’ll gladly stay inside the potter’s house, to stay out of his field, out of his field.
Thanks to the Lord, for taking us to Israel, I have a clear image of the potter’s field which sits outside the walls of the lower city of David.  It is a barren and worthless plot of land.  Nothing about it is appealing.  Sitting on a part of the field is the cliff where, tradition says, Judas Iscariot took his own life after betraying Jesus.  
It is such a sad place!  Why would we choose to be there, when we could sit at the Saviors feet and worship Him?  Why would we choose the hardships and pain of walking apart from Christ, with nothing to show for it afterwards but being thrown into the potter’s field; when we, instead, could choose to allow ourselves to be molded by the nail scarred hands of the One Who died for us?  I don’t know why we choose it, but sadly, we do.
As believers we need to make the choice, daily, or every moment, to place ourselves into the hands of Jesus.  We must yield our will to Him or we mar what Christ is attempting to make of us.  
Pliable.  Flexible.  Supple.  Yielded. Surrendered.  Submissive.  Compliant. Obedient.  Are all words that show us how we need to be on His wheel.   
Do you know that if you have not yet trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior you are walking apart from Him?  You have rejected His wheel and there is no place for you in Heaven.  What a shame it would be if you are reading this blog, as an unbeliever, to choose not to place your life into His hands by agreeing with God about your sin and asking His forgiveness!  Will you reject the free gift of salvation being held out to you right now?  Or will you believe that Christ died and rose again, conquering death... for you!!!
He wants to make a masterpiece out of us.  We merely need to trust Him as He molds and shapes us on His wheel.    

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gantt Street

Our relationship as missionaries with Gantt Street began several years ago during Bible College.  Scott had stayed faithful to the course of school but he still had about a 1 1/2 of studies to go because he was limited by finances and no regular work.  

That particular summer he had felt it was necessary to do some summer school even though that meant he wouldn't have money saved up for the fall semester.  Though there was some trepidation over this we always had the money when we needed it, and so, believed it would be no different that time.  Little did we know that Scott was about to become the beneficiary of a scholarship.  

Not only did this scholarship come from Gantt Street but a commitment to prayer.  We added them to our prayer letter list (Yes, we even sent those out in Bible college.) and they saw first hand the blessing their gift was to us.  

Six years ago we were in their missions conference and were blessed again.  I'm not sure when they picked us for support but they have been faithful to our family.  They have encouraged us in word and in prayer.  So it was a blessing to be back "home" with them this past Sunday.  And just like family everyone remarked about how much our children had grown.   

Our presentation was not shown because we had a hard time with the sound.  Something about their system being wireless.  (Don't ask me, I just put the display up. :-)  So they listened to a brief 5 minute report from Scott.  Then later Scott gave the DVD to Pastor so he could see the presentation later.  

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brighter than Moonlight

Psalm 51:7  "Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." 

This past week Scott and I were able to take a get away, just the two of us, alone, no get the point.  I am so thankful for our friends who took care of our children in our stead.  It is always fun to hear all the stories from each child when we get back.  Silas didn't even "diss" me this time, unlike after our trip to Israel.  This time he spent several minutes snuggling with me and giving me kisses.  I loved how he would push away from me and look into my face to reassure himself that I was indeed the one he was showering with affection and then he would give me a bear hug and more kisses.  Toddler love is GREAT!!!

As we were driving back to where we are staying it was snowing lightly.  The closer we got to Kings Mountain, the heavier the snow.  When we arrived at the church to pick up our kids the ground was covered with snow.  Not a very common thing in this neck of the woods, otherwise known as the "ice-belt".  By the time we headed to our "home-away-from-home-this-week" the roads were covered with snow.

It turned out that the snow made it impossible for us to get to our meeting scheduled for today and the Pastor actually called to cancel the meeting.  Though we are disappointed not to be with our friends who have so faithfully prayed for us over the years we are thankful to God for His Hand in this storm.

One of these friends sent me an email and commented that we often don't like the negative effects of the snow "but that it doesn't change how beautiful God can be."  She went on to say how much better we can see at night with the snow than moonlight.  Too quote her again, "God is awesome."  And she is right! 

I keep thinking of that in relation to the cleansing God offers us through the blood of Christ.  We become whiter than snow.  It is illustrated that the moon is a reflection of the sun, it has no light of it's own and in that way we are reflections of the Son, Jesus Christ, without Him there is nothing to reflect.  The darkness that  abounds reflects nothing.  In light of Psalm 51:7 my friends thought caused me to ponder how much brighter we reflect Christ when we are pure from sin.  Because our reflection is pure it is free from the filth that obstructs the reflection of Christ.

The truthes that God has shown me through this storm, and the resulting snow, are things I need to continue to ponder.  Will I rejoice and glorify God in the storms God in His sovereignty allows in my life?  If I will, that trust will shine in my heart and point the way to Christ.  That is what I truly long for!

 "In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ."  2 Corinthians 4:4,6

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back in God's Country

We ended our cross country trek in our southern home-state of North Carolina.  (We have lots of home states).  After a day of travel through rain we were blessed to have the sky clear up just as we got into NC.  After driving for the day we ended our trip at our second home church, Emmanuel Baptist.  Where we were members and served the Lord during Bible College.   

We were invited to go to the youth service.  I had a hard time not crying.  It is so great to see the teens doing well and serving the Lord.  The best part was knowing that there are now a lot of public school kids, whom we prayed for the Lord to bring to the church during our time at Emmanuel. 

Brandon playing four square.

Upstairs for the preaching service!  Wow, this brings back great memories!   Brandon and Kaitlin will be able to attend the mid-winter retreat.  They are, to say the least, very excited about being able to be a part of Emmanuel's youth group any chance they get.

It was really great to see everyone after the service.  We are looking forward to Sunday morning's service.

Coast to Coast...well almost!

For those who may be curious I thought I would quickly recap our furlough travels: we have traveled through/in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois,Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina since we arrived in the States a few weeks ago.

In February we will be in Charleston South Carolina and then we'll be able to claim the coast to coast status.  At any rate we did travel full circle.  On Monday night we ended up staying at a hotel by the Kansas City Airport and that is where we ended our travel back to the USA.

After having the opportunity to ride, at 70 mph, in a heated vehicle, across portions of the Oregon and Mormon trails I gained a new respect for my ancestors who traveled across the United States to make a new life in California.  We stopped at Fort Kearney for the kids to get an idea of Pioneer life.  It was closed.  So we drove around the outside.

Since we couldn't get in, and there was nothing to read, I'm not sure if this is the actual restored fort or a remake.  It looked neat though.

After stopping for the night in Kansas City we headed to my sisters house for a short but very sweet visit. 

My sister, Brenda, and the kids.

As you can see the kids were getting a little tired of taking pictures.  Before this we attempted about 40 shots of a family picture.  Then the shot above with Brenda and the kids.  During the family picture Brenda was trying to use the self timer but it was actually video.  We couldn't figure out why it wouldn't snap the shot.   I can hardly wait to see it.  LOL.  So for posterity sake of what we do to our kids with trying to get that "perfect" shot I have posted the above photo.


All the cousins, minus my nephew Travis who is in Navy A school in Florida.   The two in the upper right are my niece Chelsea and my nephew Garrett.  I was there when Garrett was born and declared I would NEVER have children.  HAHA!

We were having a discussion about me being taller.  I LOVE our faces!!!  

We do much better with our discussions now than when we were kids.  Haha.

Please keep praying for my sister to be able to get the treatments she needs, and if the Lord is willing, that He would heal her of Graves Disease.