Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CIT Camp

Brandon and Kaitlin have been gone for just over a week now.  It is dull without Brandon and his antics.  And Kaitlin's quiet presence is missed.

After leaving church Sunday night Scott's phone showed a voice mail.  It was from Kaitlin.  I had been hoping all weekend to hear from them and was sorely disappointed when we missed her call.  Thankfully, a couple hours later the phone rang and Kaitlin was on the other end.  As I was chatting with her Brandon walked by so I was able to talk to him too.  When I was on the phone with him I told him to make sure that he made it into a camp picture.  He did it!  

They are really enjoying their CIT training and time at the Wilds.  God has already been at work in their hearts through the teaching and preaching of Jim Berg, Scott Ashmore, Tom Farrell, and others.  It's hard to believe but Brandon said on Sunday night he was already worn out.  From the picture above, taken this week at camp, he looks like his energy is back.

Thanks for praying for them!

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