Thursday, August 31, 2006

Do you Google?

If you have spent any time searching for something on the internet you have probably used the Google search engine. What has Google turned up for you lately? Scott did a search the other day for "BIG TENTS" he clicked the link for the first site on the list and called. After asking for a quote on a 30' x 50' tent and explaining that we will be using it to church plant in Uruguay, the salesman put Scott on hold. When he returned to the call he informed Scott that their business was started to provide tents for church planters. He then shared with Scott that they will be giving us this $5,000 tent!!! Praise the Lord!

Such exciting news needed to be shared with Archie and Ruth Perez. When Scott called them he was told that the people there had been praying specifically for a tent. God is certainly showing them, and reminding us, that if He will array the lillies and clothe the grass we need to, "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12:32) God will, does, and will continue to provide for our needs. Who needs to worry when we serve a great God?

Archie asked Scott to look into a 20' middle section to make the tent larger. This section costs $1,800 and we already have $1,500 of that promised. We are really excited now to see how God will sell our home, meet our support, and supply our needs for outfit and passage.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Adeline's Agressive Asthma

After fourteen months of being pneumonia free we thought Adeline had finally outgrown some of her severe respiratory problems. What we thought was a small asthma episode was really bacterial pneumonia in both lungs. Our trip to the doctor has turned into 7 days in the hospital, so far. Hopefully, if Adeline can keep good blood oxygen saturation levels again tonight she will be able to go home tomorrow, after she has some blood drawn for more allergy tests and also has a sweat test done to rule out Cystic Fibrosis. With the hopes of being able to get a better handle on why she keeps getting pneumonia Adeline will be referred down to Children's Hospital in Detroit to see a pediatric pulminologist.

Scott and I appreciate all the prayers for her, and us! There are so many other things that need to be done right now that this stay has been inconvienent, to say the least. But we remember that the LORD knows all things and we continue to trust Him. We have been able to be a witness for the LORD and we trust God will use this experience for His Glory.

Friday, August 11, 2006

WARNING: Terrorism Will Affect Your Allergies

Here I was thinking that all we had to be concerned about in traveling to Uruguay was if our 18 check on bags made the weight requirement. Ok, I actually knew there was more things involved. I'm ashamed to admit I hadn't yet thought about Adeline. I suppose I've become so accustomed to traveling with the food allergy princess that I figured flying would be one more day in those travels. Eventually, I would work out a menu of non-perishable food items for her to take on board to eat while we "enjoyed" our airline provided meals. Problem solved!

Better think again, Debbie, because now the terrorists have once again changed the rules of air travel. These new rules require "no beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, tooth paste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency." Brandon will be bummed that his hair gel will have to go on his checked bag and woe to us if Simeon ends up with a diaper rash.

Seriously now, for us, and many others, who travel with food allergies this is much more than an inconvience of not being able to fix our hair or diaper a baby properly. This is a potentially life threatening decision for those with medical conditions who are dependant upon liquid medications!

I will grant that prescription medicines have been included in the exceptions list, if you have a doctor's note, and your medicine is labeled from the pharmacy, and it matches your name, and especially if it is not a liquid. Here is where the problem arises, Adeline must carry liquid Benadryl and an Epi-Pen (an injectable liquid) everywhere she goes. The liquid Benadryl (now on the banned list) is the first step towards stopping an anaphylactic reaction - regular pills do not absorb as rapidly. The Epi-Pen, which we've never yet had to use is the next step for her.

So now we must get a new prescription for her Epi-Pens with those specifics. And on to the hunt for dissolvable Benadryl tablets that I've heard are out there but I have never seen them. I sure hope they come in her dose. And on to the search for what food we can bring on board for Adeline to eat.

We don't always understand what we see as delays long lines, traffic jams, and dead batteries. It's in those times we need to look for what God may be sparing us. Most certainly, I'm thankful that we didn't leave this month as we'd hoped for as we would likely be traveling with no medicinal help, or food, for Adeline. Now, at least, we can plan ahead.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Relief - Part Two

This is the second part to a two part entry read Relief Part one first.

Little did I know what was going to happen come Tuesday the 8th? Scott and some of the children were at the doctor’s office getting their pre-departure physicals when the call came in. It was our field director, encouraging us to either move straight to Colonia or to Texas for language study. When Brandon got home he was nearly jumping up and down with joy. He quickly informed me we got a phone call and I was going to go “Baptist-costal” (a funny term for when we are really excited about something). I thought we had made it to 100% support, but Brandon said it was better.

When Scott came in and shared the news with me I didn’t go “Baptist-costal” as expected all I could do was weep, relieved that God had chosen to answer our prayers by giving us the desires of our hearts. There was a little bump in the road and I wish I could say I didn’t veer off the path when we hit it, but I did. However, I did get my eyes back on the Lord and He settled it for sure and for certain.

When we leave for Uruguay this fall, Lord willing, we will move directly to Colonia where our dearest friends, who also happen to be our coworkers, will be there to help us along. Uncle Archie and Aunt Ruthie, the endearing term our children have given the Perez’, will be there to help care for our children and to teach them Spanish. They will be close by in case of an emergency. Ruth will be available to help me read labels and shop, making sure Adeline doesn’t eat things that will kill her. Most certainly our God is good!

Would He have been good if we would have needed to stay in the states for language school? Without a doubt He is good, even when the answer is no. God is good all the time! We are ever so thankful for our precious friends in Uruguay but most especially we rejoice that God keeps His promises, “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalm 37:4 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5,6

Relief - Part One

Ever since we found out we were going to Uruguay and I knew we would have to learn Spanish I have dreaded language school. Though I home school out of necessity, I’m a stay at home mom out of a desire to be the main influence in my children’s lives. This desire was so strong that I became a SAHM before I was saved. Now I believe, without question, that this is God’s best for me and our family. So how do I reconcile this desire with our definite call to Uruguay and the obvious need to learn Spanish? How do I set aside my God given role and place my children in another persons care (most likely someone I don’t even know, or at the least don’t know very well) so I can fulfill a call God has placed upon my life. What a dilemma!

I’ll tell you I have been praying for years about this. Just recently though the burden of this dilemma has become wearisome, so I have been praying more and more fervently about language school. Specifically, I have asked God to work it out for us to learn Spanish in Colonia the city of our future ministry, if it were His will. After having our coworkers live with us last year during their furlough, our children know Archie and Ruth Perez, and their children very well. We could learn the language with a tutor minimizing my time away from the kids.

Really, in my mind, this would be the ideal situation. But was this too great a request of the Lord? Especially since our mission agency has a policy against missionaries learning the language in the city of their ministry. The Bible says “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: He turneth it withersoever He will.” Proverbs 21:1, I knew if God could turn the heart of a king He most certainly could turn the heart of our mission agency, or my heart, towards His will.

A few months ago in response to our Pastors request we received permission to learn Spanish in country. The plan was all laid out then a kink showed up. The safety, cost and lack of child care living in the capitol caused us to question our decision to move there. Other Uruguayan missionaries, including our co-workers, were very concerned for our welfare, if we moved to the capitol. It became clear that if God didn’t move in the heart of our field director we would stay in the states for language.

Staying in the states might answer the concerns for safety but what it doesn’t solve are the stresses and trials with a move to Texas, our kids being in a strangers care, learning the wrong accent, form and dialogue of Spanish, the cost of two moves, and more. So I prayed and prayed some more. The thought of moving to Montevideo, the capitol of Uruguay, brought great fear to my heart and I’m not typically a fearful person. Finally on the 4th of August weeping I told the Lord that even praying about it was beginning to increase my fears. I cast my burden upon the Lord and made the choice to rest in Him and trust in the decision He would eventually make.

(This was becoming too long for one post, so another entry has the second part.)

Monday, August 07, 2006

What's with all the slashes and sideways v's?

Between blogging and digital scrapbooking I think I'm learning some things about my computer. I sitll don't understand all the slashes and sideways V's but as long as I have tutorials I'm game for learning, or at least for following the instructions (over and over again). Surely, learning Spanish will be easier!

You may have noticed that we now have some links. The first one is our testimonies, many of you have heard how we came to know Jesus as our Saviour. For those who haven't we invite you to listen to the radio broadcast. While you're there why not listen to some other testimonies and broadcasts? An especially eye opening one is Gary Schepemaker's Testimony a missionary in Australia and father of 14 children! More testiomonies can be heard on the Amazing Love program that is broadcast by Grace Baptist Church in Anderson, Indiana through a secular radio station.

Surely, and hopefully, there will be people who will pop into this blog who do not know the Good News of the Gospel. Maybe that person is you. Please click on the Are You a Christian? link as this is too important a decision to leave for tomorrow.

The other links are somewhat self explanatory but I will clarify that Ambassador is Scott's Alma Mater and Baptist World Mission is our sending agency.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Family Photo at Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Cream of the crop

Our meetings this month are pretty slim picking so we have decided to visit supporting churches. Scott and I are partial but we believe God has blessed us with the best supporting churches! Not only that but He has also led us to the cream of the crop in churches throughout our entire deputation ministry.

We have a church that sends us beautiful handmade cards for everyones birthdays, every holiday, plus our anniversary. Another church sends us a letter from one family in their church every week. There is a church that is going to help us pack our container and is sending a couple down to Uruguay with us. A pastor's wife aka mission secretary sends us a letter every so often telling us of the goings on in their church and family. Plus we have churches who give abundantly to us during their missionary Christmas'. It is so encouraging to look down our list of supporters (both financial and prayerful) and see the commitment of these local assemblies of believers. There is no doubt in our minds that God will use these churches to care for us and pray for us when we arrive on the field.

By the way, we had a nice time at our supporting church in Capac, MI. Brandon was on their list of prayer for his kidney disease. When Scott gave an update he could tell by the recognition on their faces that they were reading our prayer letters. Praise God! The pastor also led a timely Bible study on Faith. More on that later.

Uruguay Bound,