Thursday, April 29, 2010

Youth Award's Banquet 2010

Those of you who follow my blog will remember that we used SIGMA in Uruguay.  The program we modeled ours from is the one featured in the blog.

Every year in the Spring Emmanuel Baptist Church holds their Youth Awards Banquet.  The youth staff decides upon a theme and later goes to work to transform the gym into an entirely different place.  In years past the gym became an ocean bottom, castle court, winter wonderland and this year it was a large cave complete with hanging boulders and bridges, water falls and spiders, and hidden treasure.  

The young people all attend in formal attire.  The ladies always wear formal gowns while the young men are now taking to donning tuxes.  When we knew we would be in the area for the banquet we decided to start looking for a dress for Kaitlin.  We got this at a Goodwill for $6!  The shawl was $12.  I made her necklace around the medallion that my step mom gave her for Christmas.  Her necklace was about the same.  Brandon's suit was decidedly more expensive but we were also getting him set up for college, so technically it was a twofer.  :-)
Kaitlin and Brandon looked so nice!

Kaitlin with some of the other young ladies.

The Nu Delta team giving out their teams character award.  In years past it has been individuals this year it was the team as a whole.  You can see the stage area decorations.

Kaitlin's team won.

This is the team Brandon was on.

I think this picture turned our better than the serious ones.

Here are more pictures of the decorations...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy BIrthday Nehemiah

Today is Nehemiah's 8th birthday.  It's hard to believe it was that long ago that I was trying to ignore contractions while I headed up my last Sarah's Daughter meeting as President.

I'll never forget Scott flooring the car on the way to the hospital when he discovered I was having contractions every 3 minutes.  And we were still 45 minutes out.

Nor how God providentially had him born in water so his shorter and wrapped umbilical cord would not cause him any harm at birth.

How can we forget the strong and powerful voice God has blessed our second son with.  Someday he will use it for something...we hope!  It was a blessing to hear him use it for the Lord the other night in church as he sang Jesus Loves Me.

He is a blessing to us and we are ever so thankful for our 5th child.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


These past couple months our family had the blessing of staying in a very nice home in the South Carolina piedmont (foothills).  The friend of friends made the home available to us.  It certainly was nice to have the space to spread out - Extreme Homemaker style!  The Lord really amazes us with the special ways He cares for our needs and beyond.

Since the house was out in the foothills and on Lake Keowee we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  A golf course hole was also near the house so we had many laughs at the golfers expense.  No doubt we could not have golfed any better.

Today we "moved out" of that house into a mission house nearby and we are once again enjoying the favor of the Lord.  He is always so good to us!!!  And with that move we are back in civilization, and all it's glorious modern technological advances.  AKA, internet!  You should be hearing more from me again. Hopefully that's a good thing.