Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Pattern for Life

"You are becoming today, what you will be tomorrow." "It has been well said that the future is with the disciplined...He is able to lead because he has conquered himself." J. Oswald Sanders
"You can't separate what's on the inside from what's on the outside. The external is a reflection of the heart. Modesty involves more than just our clothing. It includes our attitudes, the way we talk, and our behavior - how we walk, use our eyes, engage with others, etc." Nancy Leigh DeMoss from The Style Quiz
"Purity is an issue of the heart -- Behavior is determined by where the heart is set." Elizabeth George in A Woman's High Calling
A comparison study of the strange woman in Proverbs chapters 7, 9 and the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 were foundational for the above quotes used in my lessons, A Pattern for Life. Throughout the week of teen camp I was able to present the Biblical truth of modesty to the girls. I focused greatly on the heart and when our heart is right with the Lord we are willing to do as He asks. Our desires come second to what He wants for our lives.

Our churches ought to be a refuge for our fathers, husbands, brothers and sons, where they are not forced to avert their eyes because of what we wear. What we say should be respectful and edifying. How we behave should be ladylike and appropriate. These helpful hints were well received. I saw girls putting their hands at the tops of their blouses as they bent forward. They were checking their tops with the 3 finger "rule". They carried themselves more gracefully. Their speech towards the adults more respectful. And their behavior was more ladylike. The girls even asked me to show them how to put on make up.

I'm really thankful I had this opportunity to teach the girls. I know that many of the principles I taught them are considered personal preference. However, I trust, and hope, that they will grow in the Lord as a result of my teaching on the heart. I pray that their hearts are set on the Lord. Now the ball is in my court because the girls are definitely watching me...will I keep my heart set on the Lord, am I able to lead because I have conquered myself?

Skit night at camp

High school reunion skit - The teams plan the different skits for skit night. This was the team Brandon was on. Brandon's friend "Nacho" (with glasses) plays the cool football player. He kept cracking me up because he is so shy around our house but as his character he kept looking at me and making faces.
High school reunion skit - Brandon plays the most popular guy who is now fascinated with an egg. He really got into the part and had an old man's character voice. We were told many times that he was hilarious. It's one thing to be funny in your native language but something else in a second language.
The big family skit - At first I thought they were spoofing us, but they say they weren't. The mom gets a great job offer and the dad stays at home with the kids. One night the mom's boss comes for dinner and all kinds of havoc breaks out.
The big family skit - Bethany and Kaitlin's team planned this one. At this point (I didn't get it a photo of it) the kids spill water and drop flour onto the boss. After that the baby is naughty. And finally the dog jumps onto the table. After the boss runs out and the mom follows, the dad pays the kids. This skit was really a slapstick type of comedy - no Spanish needed.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Kaitlin had her friends over for the day - L to R, Jessica, Kaitlin, Eliana, Bethany and Yanina holding Silas.
Blowing out the candles. Simeon is helping Kaitlin.
Bethany's Flower cupcakes.
Kaitlin's cake. It was quite hot yesterday so the frosting is melting and slipping off the cake.

In the Double Digits...

Happy Birthday Bethany!!! This is a big week for us, yesterday Kaitlin became a teen and today Bethany makes it into the double digits. Just in case you're wondering...I'm not getting old, but my kids sure are.

Last night after church we had a little party for Bethany and Kaitlin's birthdays. I made a cake for Kaitlin and a flower out of cupcakes for Bethany. We put trick candles on the cake/cupcake which was good because we sang 3 different birthday songs to them. I finally got a little video clip of Archie doing his Mexican "yell" at the end of a song they all sang to the girls. Three Latin American countries -Mexico, Uruguay and Peru - were represented at the party and they all knew the song; so we are assuming this song is traditional to Latin America.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Teen Summer Camp 2008

Silas and his friend Juan Daniel, both are wearing their Uruguay Team Futbol jersey's.
Beth forgot to put on sunscreen. The Uruguayan remedy...tomatos

Song time at camp. We were singing O Si Soy Feliz (O Say But I'm Glad).
Valentines banquet, at 10:30 pm, yep we're in Uruguay.

Simeon was intruding on Pablo and Cristina's romantic meal, and feeding both of them jello.

Two Teens

I knew this day was coming, but it came a lot sooner than I thought it would. Of course, Kaitlin has been counting down the days - probably since last year - for her this day hasn't come soon enough. Scott and I know (don't we all) that time flies! Soon she'll have teens of her own and will be wishing she could slow the days down, if even just a little.

Kaitlin, welcome to the teen years! Your dad and I hope and pray that they will be a time filled with new adventures, goals and dreams fulfilled. We also pray that as you grow and mature into adulthood you will grow and mature in the Lord. We love you! Happy 13th birthday!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Andrew Smith's Prayer Card

A few months back I blogged about our friends son who was diagnosed with a Pontine Glioma brain stem tumor. This prayer card was designed by a friend of his. Please visit Help For Andrew Smith to download a prayer card for your prayer time. If you would like to keep updated of his, and his mothers condition - Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer - please visit Andrews CaringBridge Website. I know they are thankful for your prayers!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Are You Leaning?

"Recently my husband did .... and from your study I realized that I needed to pray for him and encourage him."

In response to a former catholic lady's testimony of Baptist teachings being very different from what she is used to, one lady said this, "I was a catholic my whole life too, but when you immerse yourself in the Bible it gets into your heart and you see that what our church teaches is truth."

Each of the ladies wrote out prayer requests to exchange with eachother. This is the testimony of the lady who got my prayer requests, "These past couple weeks I have prayed for Debbie, Pastor and for their family. She asked prayer for Spanish and I've noticed an improvement. I've prayed for the spiritual growth of their children. And for Pastor as he prepares and preaches his messages."

To begin this weeks study, on Proverbs 3:5,6, I asked the ladies to share testimonies of how they were able to apply the last study's lesson to their lives. Last week I taught on the negative aspect of this verse: Leaning - We are not to trust in our own understanding or our reasoning (our reasoning is our intelligence, our thoughts, and our desires) over God's.

Following this week's study on the beginning of Trusting - We are to trust in Almighty God. Our examples from Scripture are Isaiah, Job, and Habbakuk, Daniel, Joshua and Caleb, Shadrac, Meshac and Abednego, Ruth, and the many examples in Hebrews 11- I shared practical application of my study: When you struggle to do as God asks or to believe God will do as He promised ask yourself, "Who is my God?", read Job 42; keep a remembrance journal of all the ways God has answered specific prayers - when He has provided for your needs, when He has brought a loved one to the Lord, or when He has helped you through a trial, etc; keep a promise journal in your Bible underlining verses the Lord gives you and date them so you can look back and see how God has helped you through.

I was able to share specifics of how I have applied these things to my life, during Bible college and deputation and now here on the field. From that I hope and trust that the ladies will see that God is real in my life. Please keep praying for these ladies as we continue to study this passage of Scripture.

I'm hoping to complete this study at our next meeting, February 21st, and begin the study in Mentiras Que Las Mujeres Creen (Lies Women Believe). The books have been ordered and should be here from the states in a couple weeks.

Chubby Bubby

Silas turns 3 months old today. I think he may take the Chubby Bubby award soon. Until now, Brandon has held the long standing record of our chubbiest baby, but he was a formula baby. Silas is at 7 kilos, and the girls hold him for shorter periods of time now. Simeon prefers to lay by Silas instead of holding him. Last week I switched out all of his 0-3 month clothes for the 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes. Some of the "new" outifts will only be useful for him for a short time since he is nearly maxing them out.

Once I finish this disk of photos I'll post one here of Silas at 3 months.