Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little, make that big....

...request.  Let's see how do I go about requesting prayer for something while being very vague about it without raising curiosity?  Hmmm, well, if there is a way I can't think of it right now.  So I'm going to stop trying to figure it out and just have out with it.  There are some overwhelming trials in my life for which I need faithful intercessory prayer.  

I can't share any specifics.  The fact that the trials continue on and on, seemingly without any reprieve, is becoming extraordinarily taxing!  I think  believe that I need to call upon those of you who are prayer warriors for me and my family to intercede often on our behalf.  

Please pray:
  1. That God would remove the trials completely but if He chooses not to that He would give me the strength to endure.  I am growing very weary in this spiritual battle!  
  2. That I would be able to get some good sleep.  I wake up many, many, many times throughout each night.  And have not felt rested for several years now.  
  3. That I would know and feel God's love for me through these trials.  
  4. And especially that my hope, which is very lacking right now, would be rekindled to a burning fire.      
Thanks in advance for your prayers!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Thoughts from our hearts to yours...

from all your little B's on this special Mother's Day.  And such sweet thoughts they are that grace the pages of a memory book dedicated by each one of my children to me, their mommy!

"I wanna cuddle" is what Silas thinks of and I'm so glad because his cuddles are just the best!

Simeon thinks I'm very pretty and he regularly tells me that so it was no surprise to read his thoughts.

From our eating fiend (Isabel) came these thoughts, "I think she's the bestest because she gives me snacks."

Nehemiah thinks I'm kind because I make delicious food and clean their clothes. :-)

I am "...Everything." to Adeline.  WOW.

Beth recalled things I have done for her to help her... and for taking her shopping.  She is pretty fun to shop with.

Kaitlin also noted some things I've done to encourage her.

While Brandon, among other things, thanked me for enduring his weirdness.  I guess it's my lot in life.  haha.

Things I've done because I love my children, things I've done because I want to have fun with them, things I've done for them because I want to be a good mother, and even things I've done while I've been discouraged and grumbled and complained wondering if anyone notices my sacrifices as a mother all come to the forefront of my mind as I read through these special book!

No doubt they've noticed the good and the bad.  And I'm so thankful that they sought to be a blessing to me this Mother's Day.  Since Brandon will be headed to college this fall this year was my last with all my children at home to celebrate with me.  It helps me to know that even though I fail...often...I have done something in my children's lives to impact them for good and to show them I love them.

One of those precious memories of motherhood...these two were watching TV and decided to fall asleep on each other.    


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Results of Prayer

For the Cajiuat family the Monday after Thanksgiving was the beginning of a life no one would ask for.  As they headed out in two cars to Christmas shop no doubt their minds were filled with the special gifts they could get for each other.

Plans quickly changed when 17 year old Joshua attempted to cross the road and was t-boned by another vehicle.  He sustained major injuries including brain trauma and a shattered pelvis.  His little brother, in the car with him, had minor injuries in comparison.  They were cut out of the car and Joshua was airlifted to the hospital.

We, along with countless others, began right away to pray for Joshua.  We watched as God answered one prayer after another.  Tears fill our eyes as we read updates written by his dad.  Each letter always having a specific prayer request and a specific praise.  Though we would not wish this on them again we are thankful for the testimony they have kept throughout all this time it has been an encouragement and a rebuke.  I doubt I would have been so faithful in glorifying the Lord.  

Brandon and Joshua have been friends for several years.

Tuesday we were able to see them all and as always they were a blessing.  We never fail to laugh out heads off when we are with them.  And we are always sharpened from their walk with the Lord.  Joshua still has a ways to go in his recovery and I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers.  If you have facebook you can join the Praying for Josh Cajiuat and family page or visit Joshua's Caring Bridge

   The last time we were together it was just Brandon and Josh who were teens.  This time there was 5.

Josh is an extraordinary young man as evidenced when he took some time to play air hockey with Simeon.