Monday, July 30, 2007

Attendance, music and more

I know that many who come to this blog do so because you support our ministry. Please accept my apologies as I haven't put in nearly as many updates about the ministry as I would like or need to.

Attendance at the El General church has been low because of the cold. As far as I understand the El Real annex is not experiencing as much of a drop in attendance but they too have less people during the winter. Yesterday we headed to church in zero degree (celsius) weather. With one Estufa de Gas for the entire building plus a small electric space heater you can imagine how cold it can be. To say the least we are looking forward to the end of this historic winter.

Once a month we have Melody Night in the evening service. The choir always sings and there are usually a few vocal and instrumental specials. The youth group also sang last night and it was very nice to hear them sing out to the Lord. A goal has been set to have 90 young people by years end, we are already half way there.

Hermano Ricca announced that he and his wife celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary this past week. They are a dear sweet couple and an encouragement to us all. In this day and age of multiple marriages and live-in relationships, even here in Uruguay, we certainly appreciate their example and testimony.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sad news

We just learned of the home-going of Mrs. Teresa Bray. Many of you have prayed for her over the past few months as she battled cancer. Certainly she is in heaven and we rejoice yet we mourn with Pastor Bray. No doubt she will be dearly missed by her family and church family. Please pray for Pastor Randy Bray as he grieves the loss of his wife.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Majoring on the minors

"CAUTION, this sign has sharp edges do not touch the edges of this sign. Also, the bridge is out ahead."

If we talk about majoring on the minors, this sign has the market cornered. I have to admit that sometimes I can be just as ridiculous. It certainly is easy to focus on the little things especially when you're married or raising children. You know the dirty socks left on the floor, and all the minor annoyances of life.

There is another area, though, where I have noticed people tend to major on the minor. This sign warns of sharp edges and the bridge being out is in miniature. The focus clearly is not on what is important. We have come across people in our daily lives who are ignoring the "Bridge Out Ahead" warning sign.

These are people who for various reasons reject the truth that there is only one way to heaven, salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Instead of heeding the warning found in the truth of God's Word, the Bible, they continue driving down the road they think leads to heaven. Thankfully, God doesn't hide Salvation through Jesus Christ in the fine print.

Are you majoring on the minors, heading down the road towards a bridge that will not get you to heaven? Has someone shared the truth of God's Word with you and you have easily dismissed their concern? If so, I encourage you follow the link at right "Are you Christian?".

Monday, July 23, 2007

Update on Hector

Thank you to all who are praying for Hector, he has a long recovery ahead. He does have a broken pelvis but his head injury was not serious. Keep praying, especially that His heart will grow closer to the Lord during his time of recuperation.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pray for Hector

Early this morning Pastor Archie received a phone call that one of the young men in the church had been injured. Though we aren't exactly sure of the circumstances Hector was found about an hour after he fell off the main bridge into town. He was taken from Colonia into the capitol this afternoon with serious injuries. We were told that he had a broken pelvis and bleeding in his head.

A SEOG or would that be FREAL?

I woke up last week with a really sore throat. After 5 days of pain, losing my voice and coughing at night I saw the "ER" doctor before my ultrasound. Turns out I have strep throat. This afternoon I woke up after my very cough interrputed nap sounding like a FREAL - of course that is a cross between a frog and a seal.

Because I'm allergic to Penicillans and their family of drugs I'm limited to an expensive $10 a day medicine. Believe it or not that's more expensive than my ultrasound. At any rate I sure hope my voice goes back to normal after this.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seven out of eight old wives are right...

So what are some of the Old Wives tales you know? Pretty much the only one I know has to do with the shape of an expectant mothers abdomen. If she has the oblong shape of a football, she is carrying a girl. Round like a basketball? The baby is a boy.

With the exception of one of our children, Isabel, who happens to be a princess tomboy, all of our babies have fit this pattern during my pregnancies. And now that we have an even number of boys to girls (we can say that after my ultrasound today!) we have proof that 7 out of 8 old wives are right.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What in the World is that?

If you were in Buenos Aires, Argentina yesterday you may have heard those words uttered in awe of the first snowfall in nearly 90 years! Across the water in Colonia we only saw some flurries. Scott called it the river de-effect, somewhat like the lake effect in the USA but it works opposite. Of course that's only a theory. At any rate the weather forecasters can now pat themselves on the back as their predicted snow finally fell.

Scott and I spent the afternoon and early evening making a grocery run to the capitol. Groceries are often much cheaper in Montevvideo, not to mention we can usually get some goods imported from the USA - like Betty Crocker baking mixes, or cremora coffee creamer, and the best yet Kraft Mac N' Cheese. We needed a "date" so we used this as an excuse. Plus, we got to give the van another good long drive.

I was enjoying my McDonald's Cuatro de Libre meal when I thought I saw someone I recognized. It turned out to be the Perez family who was returning home from their winter vacation in Treinta y Tres. Our shopping time ended together and we headed home in caravan. It was a good thing too as 40 minutes from home we heard a sound. It wasn't just me saying, "What in the World is that?", it was the sound coming from the left front tire. The wheel bearing went out and so we transferred luggage from the Perez vehicle into our van then the perishable groceries and ourselves into the Perez' vehicle for a very tight ride home.

Scott spent all of today trying to fix the van, but that's another post (maybe Scott will write that one). I'll end this one by thanking the Lord for His perfect timing in bringing the Perez, to the capitol when we needed them.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Our fourth 7 year old.

Adeline is 7!!! With all of her allergies and problems with severe asthma this is indeed a miracle. Kaitlin baked her an egg and milk free birthday cake and I attempted to decorate it after Brandon frosted it. Adeline loved it and I do have to say it was the best allergy free B-day cake we've had thus far.

A birthday tradition is to take each birthday child to dinner at the restaurant of their choice. This year for Adeline we had to eat in as we weren't confident in our ability to tell the waiter how we needed her food. So she picked a meal of BBQ'd pork Chorizo (sausage), rice and gravy. It was all yummy.

She opened up her loot of presents, and played while we cleaned up. Then we watched a couple movies together as a family. Everyone, Simeon especially, enjoyed all the candy that arrived a couple days ago from Dyer Baptist Church - Nerds, Jujyfruits, Gobstoppers, Dots, Red Raspberry Dollars and Mike & Ike's. And, of course, a couple large bowls of popcorn. What a day!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Our 4th of July...

Was not as patriotic a day as it would have been in the States, but we had a good time together as a family. Scott took us for a drive in our van up to Anchorena, the presidential ranch. The visitor center was closed, as were the tours of the ranch, but we had fun playing at the playground on the ranch.

The Wheels

A photo of our "new" van is in our July prayer letter but I knew I needed to include it here. The van is very nice and in the best condition of any Scott looked at. The title search and other paperwork are in process as soon as that is done we will put the rest of the money down and the van will be in our name. We plan to add the back side windows later, as it does feel a bit like a cave back there. Thank you to everyone who was praying and to everyone who gave sacrificially towards this purchase.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lil' Patriot

Lil' Patriot scrapbook layout by Debbie

HAPPY 4th!!! Our family (and all American Citizens in Uruguay) was invited to an open house at the US Ambassadors home but we missed it as we had no transportation. Maybe next year.

The Perez' are gone this week for winter vacation, so we will celebrate tomorrow as a family. Our plan is to BBQ, we bought our steaks from the butcher next door and Scott found fresh mushrooms. And maybe we'll take a ride in our new wheels - that's right the Lord directed Scott to a very nice van (pictures to come). We might even find some firework to set off.

It's so cold here right now it's hard to remember it's July so I decided to scrapbook. I thought you all would enjoy the patriotic layout of Simeon I did on the computer. I'm thinking we need to put up the Christmas tree and wrap some presents. As you all are swatting mosquitos and wishing for the AC we'll be bundled up in our winter gear by the fireplace. We hope you all enjoy your Independence day celebrations...fireworks, BBQ's, and all the Red, White and Blue.

Remember to thank God for the freedom we have in America. It's a wonderful heritage not to be forgotten.