Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surgery Results

Thank you all for your faithful prayers for me on Monday, as well as for this week as I recover.

The surgery went well.  It did take longer than expected but I have done well with the recovery period.  I am very thankful to our friend Bonnie from our home church who gave us a place to stay this week.  She even gave up her bed for me so I wouldn't have to walk up stairs.

NOTE: More information about my surgery is included below if you are a man you may wish not to read beyond this point.

I have been dealing with an hormonal imbalance.  During treatment for that I developed severe physical side effects.  My treatment was immediately stopped and I was able to meet with doctors and have several tests done.  Some of that testing ended with a surgery date.

During the exploration part of my surgery the doctor was checking my reproductive organs and was unable to see my uterus.  It was hidden behind two very large ovarian cysts.  After removing the fluid, which looks OK, she proceeded with the exploration.

Many of my pregnancy ultrasounds revealed that I had intra-uterine fibroids, since my uterus is also enlarged this was one of the things for which the doctor was looking.  It does not sound like fibroids were found or visible.  However, each time she touched my uterus, to move my ovaries, etc, it bled, which can be indicative of Adenomyosis.  A condition where the endometrium grows inside the uterine walls.

In two weeks I have my recheck appointment at that time I should know what biopsies and labs revealed as well as more of the plan for further treatment.

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Nana C said...

Debbie, I have been praying for you and see you

continue to recover.....I would love to meet you someday....Susan J. (my daughter) and I follow your mission work too...I am involved with the mission work at BFC here in Hemet.....God's blessings to your committment to His work..He loves you so much....nana C