Friday, March 20, 2009

Adeline's Allergist Appointment

After attempting to explain Adeline and her struggles with allergies and asthma to different doctors for her entire life and many times being met with doubt, I was not really looking forward to yesterday's appointment. I was, however, surprised when this new allergist actually gave credence to the facts represented in her chart. As he read down one of her lab tests his eyes widened as he viewed the astronomical numbers.

At first he didn't want to do another allergy test but then changed his mind after seeing how she is having problems with rhinitis (runny allergy nose). He ended up ordering the blood test and we'll have to return to Montevideo for that on Tuesday morning. Adeline is *not* looking forward to it.

The doctor explained that if he ordered immunotherapy it would be on an as needed basis. Believing that doing the therapy while there was not a problem would be useless. I agree. He also told us that immunotherapy here is sublingual. So instead of giving her injections she would have the "immunization" (his word) placed under her tongue. A method they use with success in Europe, where he was trained.

One her labs are drawn it will take at least a month to have the results. So we'll return to him after that and will have a plan of action then.

I was especially thankful to find out that we can buy Epi-Pens in Buenos Aires. We'll have to head over there to get one or arrange to have one sent over from there since the ones brought to us last year are about ready to expire.

I also found out that Buenos Aires does have a pollen count which would be applicable to us. It would help us anticipate Adeline's allergy flare-ups. And everyone elses for that matter.

Happy 4th BIrthday Simeon!!!!

Today we celebrate that our happy little guy is one year closer to school, is one year older, one year taller, one year cuter, one year smarter and one year more special in our hearts.

Simeon has been a pure joy to be around. He is very sweet and thoughtful.

Simeon has been one of the funnest big brothers to watch with Silas. He looked forward to his baby brother's birth with anticipation and has treated him with tenderness from that day. Long gone is the day where he could hold Silas in his arms or lap so now I love watching them play together.

I think he's a romantic at heart, especially since he got into the habit of picking me so many flowers from our yard that we have had to limit him to just a few every day. He has a very special friendship with another MK (missionary kid). Litte Keren and Simeon are rarely ever apart when we are at church. And Simeon even talks about how one day they will be married. We don't know about that but it sure is cute to watch them!

Today he ran to me, gave me a hug, and wished me a happy birthday! Yep, that's Simeon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness

Our schedule for the rest of March is a little hairy and we would appreciate your prayers that we can get everything accomplished on time and of a good quality.

Next week Scott and I will be teaching in the opening meetings of Missionary Barry Secrest's Bible Institute in Las Piedras. There is a lot to get accomplished between now and then, including finishing up translating the lessons.

There are a couple of trips into Montevideo for doctors appointments. Adeline will finally be seeing an allergist in the Birtish Hospital. Please pray that this doctor will have a better bed-side manner than the last allergist we saw. Oh, and that we'll remember to take her chart with us.

Then there is school with the kids, which will obviously be modified greatly from the original schedule. The kids, however, are already taking tests on their first paces putting them a week ahead of schedule so hopefully the few days off won't affect them too drastically.

Finally we have SIGMA kicking off on the 4th of April. The teens have been asking us when SIGMA was going to start back up. They were excited to hear it will be in a couple weeks. We are finishing up the team rosters and praying over who should serve on the ANIMO team. (More on this later.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Beginning of Bible Institute 2009

Scott kicked off the Bible Institute this past Saturday. This years institute began with a few changes. The first change being an orientation day. Since we have the new DVD's there needed to be a day where the students, along with Scott's help, could choose their classes.

Last year's schedule was a little overwhelming, and with the added responsibilities of being in charge of the ministry this year, he was wise to revise this year's to have classes on Saturday mornings only. Unfortunately, this does cut the student body down a bit because there are a couple students who aren't able to attend classes on Saturdays. Even so there are 10 students this year, two of them being new.

Everyone is excited about the use of the new DVD's...especially everyone that has had to rewind the tapes in years past trying to find where they left off in the last class.

There will be 5 levels running at the same time. Thankfully, Scott will have help from Missionary Pastor Andres and Missionary Pastor Daniel who each will be monitoring/teaching a level of classes each Saturday. Scott is grateful for the added help!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Humor in Homeschool

Working with Isabel on the "A" sounds this morning was an adventure. It went like this:

"Armadillo reads a, a, a (put the little dot over the a for the correct sound :)"
"A reads a, a, a."

This portion was successful, it turned hilarious at this point...

"Listen as I tell you a word. Can you hear the "A" sound?"

"The first word is...Are?"









"No escutzo nada." (Spelling is her accent. Translation: I don't hear anything.)

Me completely cracking up..."Great now I get the wrong answers in Spanish too."

Back at it....


"I don't hear nothin'!!!"

OK, let's try picking the right word out of the sentence.

1. Noah's Ark is a good Bible story.
She picked out every work but Ark.

2. Do you like to draw?
She answered the question, "Yes!"

7. Do not touch a broken jar!
Her answer, "Why?"

After that we all lost it. And I think it's safe to say everyone enjoyed class today!!! And, yes, we actually did get a lot accomplished.

What Am I?

This video was at the end of class with Isabel. She loves school, and is a very pleasant student to teach. She is, however, sorta missing the concept of a riddle. I didn't realize why she kept answering the way she was until I realized my questions were in first person, so each answer was correct.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pictures from the first day of school 2009.

Debbie teaching Isabel about the letter A.

Isabel organized her numbers correctly.

Isabel's desk and wall space.

Nehemiah's desk and wall space.

Adeline's desk and wall space.

Bethany's desk and wall space.

Kaitlin's desk and wall space.

Brandon's desk and wall space.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

First Day of School 2009

As if I wasn't convinced before, I have now proven that evolution is impossible!

Today I started back as teacher of our children...six of them.
Brandon...11th grade.
Kaitlin...9th grade.
Bethany...5th grade.
Adeline...3rd grade.
Nehemiah...2nd grade.
Isabel...K/1st grade.

Because today is the first day and everyone had brand new paces each one had to read their goals to someone at the change of every period/class. Rather than attempt to listen to everyone at the same time I asked them to read to each other. That helped a lot.

So how did I prove evolution false? Well, for one I don't have 8 sets of set for each of my children. Today I note that I do not have 6 sets of ears to listen to each of my kids read, or 6 mouths to answer their questions all at the same time, or two sets of eyes to pay attention to what is happening in the room while I'm helping another.

As far as school goes, it was great! Everyone had a fantastic attitude and worked hard. This year I thought to do class periods to see if that would help me to keep track of what everyone was doing. Also for Brandon and Kaitlin to be more familiar with the period system for when they start college. Finally, to keep my mind from being jumbled by having to switch from Geometry to Spelling. We start school at 8:15 and end at Noon. Our day consists of seven 30 minute periods with a 10 minute break in the middle.

If they don't accomplish their goals for the subject, the rest becomes homework after lunch. If they do get through their work and there is still time in the period they keep working. It worked so well that most of the kids worked ahead in each subject. Maybe we'll finish school early. One can hope!!! At the least they will have some breathing room and hopefully not get behind when they hit the confusing stuff.