Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Place to Call Our Own - Part 2

Scott met with the real estate agent today and gave an offer on the house. He put an offer in last week which was flatly declined. So we decided to up our offer and see what they say. Scott was told the family will be discussing the offer tonight and will get back with us in the morning.

Resuurrection Sunday

Our family had a nice Resurrection Sunday this past weekend. Our music/choir director wrote an Easter drama where we used several songs from the Majesty Hymns spansih hymnal. The dialog was one from the point of view of Mary, the mother of Jesus. My favorite part of the program was when the junior choir sang with the men. The song Rey de Reyes was sung as a round and the combination of voices was beautiful. The Lord blessed us with a few visitors and we trust the Lord will be at work in the hearts of those who came.

Sunday was the completion of Semana Santa, also known here as "Tourism Week" and in one city here in the country, "Beer Week". This is the week where this country has the most visitors of the entire year. I didn't notice too many more people downtown in the city we live in probably because our weather was so nice everyone was at the beach.

Thursday night we had another ladies Bible study here in our home. Ruth and I decided that though this was a vacation week, we ought not to take this week off from the Bible study. I can't tell you how exciting it was to see the ladies pour into our home. We had to add more chairs to give them all a place to sit. Though six of our regulars were missing, the Lord brought 4 ladies to the study that had not come previously. God is doing a GREAT work in the hearts of our ladies. Often I feel like Moses as He told the Lord he couldn't speak (since arriving here I wondered if Moses "speech impediment" was actually in inability to speak well the language of the Egyptians, but that's for another post). I still depend a lot on Ruth when I need to get thoughts out with clarity but I am understanding a little more. I know a big part of this is so God can receive all the Glory for certainly what is happening is of nothing I can do.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Simeon!!

Today is Simeon's 3rd birthday. After several attempts to sing happy birthday to him we finally were able to sing when we presented him with his birthday cake. Evidently, in his mind, it's not your birthday until you have the cake.

He's been a tremendous blessing to our family. Most of the time he is tender hearted and cheerful. He melts the hearts of the toughest Uruguayans with a single smile. He is a terrific big brother to Silas. He is courageous, a little too much sometimes. And we look forward to seeing what God will do through his life.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goody Boxes

We have been privileged to receive many Stateside goodies in the past few months. Scott's Dad, Step Mom and brother sent this box of yummy goodies for us. Man, we are set for tacos for awhile. As for the candy...it was gone the night the box arrived. YUM!
This is some of the books that arrived from the States for the ladies Bible study. I am so thrilled at how the ladies are responding the the studies in our home. They are ready to jump into this study feet first. Praise the Lord.

A Place to Call Our Own

Our rental contract on the house we live in will run out in November. The rental market here in Colonia is next to nothing. When we have found places they are typcially too small for our family. No, really, 2 bedrooms with a toilet/shower stall, kitchenette/dining room and living room. Though we aren't afraid of a smaller home, remember we lived in a 30 foot motherhome for 9 months, we do have 10 people in our family.

The other problem we have is the price of rent. Right now the house we are in is a steal. But as the dollar srops the prices of housing here goes up. Most houses in this neighborhood are selling for 85,000 to 350,000. Obviously out of our price range. So we've been praying that God would meet this need.

One of the men in our church asked if he could help us find a house to buy. This is what he found. It's 3 bedrooms and one bath, kitchen, dining room/living room is currently around 800 square feet, with an easy addition of another 400 sq feet once the "apartment" is remodeled and a hole knocked in the wall to connect the 2 "houses". Eventually we would need to add a dining room too. With it's half acre plot, this house has so much potential. It is fully fenced in so the children can play outside without concern. The fencelines are lined with trees. There are fruit trees in the yard also. Plus we would be in the neighborhood of many church members.

The cost? Only 42,000! The problem? We don't have 42,000 lying around. But we do have a house in North Carolina that we are hoping to use to get a equity loan. Lord willing, we would pay cash for this house and have some $$$ left over to remodel for more room right away. We are trusting that if God wants us to have THIS house then He will work out all the details. If not, then He will show us to the house He has pciked out for us. Looking into the living room/dining room. The kitchen is at the back on the right where the bead curtain is. The bathroom is on the left.
Sorry for the sideways picture, but this is the area needing remodeling. We would like it to become a master bedroom and mud room.

The front yard, I love the gate and brick fence.
The view looking up to the back of the house from the back property line.

The Michelin Man

After putting Silas' socks on him the other day we all had to laugh. His legs are so chubby that he looks like the Michelin Cartoon Man on the commercials. Too cute!!!

Our Pastor is enjoying playing with Silas. Pastor Wagner is not a Grandpa (yet) and it really is a shame because he has always been wonderful with our children. By the way, the kids were thrilled to get candy from the States.

Here is the 4 month picture I promised. I can't get "sitting" pictures anymore because he pulls himself forward and falls over. Not good when a hard tile floor is looming just below.

Here and gone...already!

Pastor Wagner's visit to Colonia was quite enjoyable. Since we don't have any building projects in the works we put him to work preaching. He preached for the teens on Saturday, both Sunday services, and Wednesday night, plus he gave the devotional for the annual staff planning meeting.
Pastor, we truly appreciate the investment you have in our family and in our ministry. We were proud to have you here. We were encouraged by your visit. We are praying for you and Lynda. We are praying for the ministry at Macomb Baptist (our sending church). God bless you for faithfully serving Him.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sorry folks

Well, I certainly have been neglecting the blog. Sorry, folks. Things are a bit crazy here.

Our sending church pastor is here for a week. It has been great to have him here! This is his second time to visit to ministry here. He came with us on our survey trip. Last night he preached to the teens. Today he preaches for both services. Tuesday is a staff meeting and Pastor will bring the devotional. On Wednesday he preaches for the final time. Thursday he leaves for Brazil.

Silas turned four months old this week. I'll post some pictures later. He weighes 7 kilos and 450 grams. And measures 64.5 cm. Brandon still takes the prize for the fattest baby at 4 months old; weighing in at a whopping 18.2 pounds and two weeks later he weighed 19.2 pounds.

We had our first eye exams in the country. The most modern form of medicine we have seen since we arrived. Kaitlin enjoyed it when I had to put on the Mr McGoo glasses. Since I'm approaching the 20th anniversary of my 18th birthday I had to prove I didn't need bi-focals.

Finally we had a BBQ yesterday with the pastoral staff and families - 23 people. Brandon did a spectacular job with the asado (BBQ). He's been my kitchen helper of late and I'm really enjoying this time with him. And after yesterday he has earned the title of official Asador (BBQ'er) for the Borrmann family.