Thursday, September 09, 2010


I am awestruck! Last night, through the preaching of His Word, God sat me down, cupped my tear stained face in His hands and tenderly reminded me that He is in control. My wounds, though open and raw, have passed through his sovereign hands. He will dress my injuries and some day when they heal the scars will ever be a reminder of His love for me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Waiting for the Words

Hey everyone, I just wanted you to know I am doing well in my recovery from Surgery.  I haven't had the words (creatively) to write about Brandon's 18th B-day and post pics but I will soon.  Promise.   I'm still lost in the thought that my firstborn is now an adult.  

Friday, July 30, 2010

Slight Complication

A few days ago I noticed some redness and swelling in the skin directly below my lower surgery incision.  When I started feeling crummy I passed it off as doing too much.  I don't know how I could have thought that, it's not like I've been doing much of anything...but eat, sleep and rest.  Believe me, I've been taking it easy but figured I had taken one too many trips up and down the stairs.

After the area became more inflamed and tender I figured I better see a doctor.  I saw a doctor yesterday afternoon who said I definitely have an infection but he was pretty sure it had not yet entered into my abdomen.  He was glad I hadn't waited any longer.  I'm now on a multi spectrum antibiotic for 10 days.

As a note for those who are praying for me, I have a recheck appointment on Tuesday in Michigan.  I really would like to be feeling much better by Monday when I head up there.  Brandon will be going with me since Scott is traveling in the South on furlough meetings.   He may just end up doing most of the driving.  Watch out Detroit!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surgery Results

Thank you all for your faithful prayers for me on Monday, as well as for this week as I recover.

The surgery went well.  It did take longer than expected but I have done well with the recovery period.  I am very thankful to our friend Bonnie from our home church who gave us a place to stay this week.  She even gave up her bed for me so I wouldn't have to walk up stairs.

NOTE: More information about my surgery is included below if you are a man you may wish not to read beyond this point.

I have been dealing with an hormonal imbalance.  During treatment for that I developed severe physical side effects.  My treatment was immediately stopped and I was able to meet with doctors and have several tests done.  Some of that testing ended with a surgery date.

During the exploration part of my surgery the doctor was checking my reproductive organs and was unable to see my uterus.  It was hidden behind two very large ovarian cysts.  After removing the fluid, which looks OK, she proceeded with the exploration.

Many of my pregnancy ultrasounds revealed that I had intra-uterine fibroids, since my uterus is also enlarged this was one of the things for which the doctor was looking.  It does not sound like fibroids were found or visible.  However, each time she touched my uterus, to move my ovaries, etc, it bled, which can be indicative of Adenomyosis.  A condition where the endometrium grows inside the uterine walls.

In two weeks I have my recheck appointment at that time I should know what biopsies and labs revealed as well as more of the plan for further treatment.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Outpatient Surgery

Tomorrow we will be heading up to Michigan.  After we take the children to their grandparents we will head up to the hospital so I can have my pre-op blood work drawn.  And, Lord willing, at 7:15 AM on Monday, July 19th, I will be heading into the surgery room.

Everything is feminine in nature, hence the ambiguity, and a necessary part of any further treatment.  We are praying that the results the doctors are hoping for will be accomplished.  Thank you, in advance, for your prayers for safety and no complications.  I will do my best to have the blog updated once I am out of the hospital.    

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CIT Camp

Brandon and Kaitlin have been gone for just over a week now.  It is dull without Brandon and his antics.  And Kaitlin's quiet presence is missed.

After leaving church Sunday night Scott's phone showed a voice mail.  It was from Kaitlin.  I had been hoping all weekend to hear from them and was sorely disappointed when we missed her call.  Thankfully, a couple hours later the phone rang and Kaitlin was on the other end.  As I was chatting with her Brandon walked by so I was able to talk to him too.  When I was on the phone with him I told him to make sure that he made it into a camp picture.  He did it!  

They are really enjoying their CIT training and time at the Wilds.  God has already been at work in their hearts through the teaching and preaching of Jim Berg, Scott Ashmore, Tom Farrell, and others.  It's hard to believe but Brandon said on Sunday night he was already worn out.  From the picture above, taken this week at camp, he looks like his energy is back.

Thanks for praying for them!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Portions for Double Digits

Our little Addie is growing up and we can hardly believe she is now in the double digits.  Wasn't I just writing this about Beth?

This year we celebrated her birthday over several days.  A few days before her big day we went to the American Girl Doll place where she got a Just Like Me doll that is actually just like her Peruvian friend in Uruguay, Debora.  She opened her presents on her actual birthday.  (Of which I have no pictures because my camera battery was dead.)  Then we took her out shopping to spend some of her birthday money from grandparents.  Finally we ended with the traditional birthday dinner alone with me and Scott!

It is always interesting to take Adeline out to a meal.  Her severe food allergies, and the challenge we have when explaining to every waiter who serves us that certain things - dairy, eggs, peanuts, beef and shellfish - could kill her, usually cause us some anxiety.  They typically are accommodating and our allergy queen ends up with a somewhat healthy decent meal that doesn't cause an allergic reaction.  Although, there have been times when she has had bacon and applesauce to eat and nothing more I can assure you that she has been a good sport through all our travels.

Her choice for dinner was Red Lobster.  I know it's not exactly the place to take someone like her but she loves fish.  She ordered the broiled fish and broccoli (no butter, no seasonings) from the kids menu and it turned out that we should have ordered an adult portion.  She thought it was so yummy that her entire meal was gone before we had half of ours finished and she was begging for more.  It took a few minutes to get our servers attention and before long Adeline was savoring her second meal.

Adeline is our 4th child to reach the age of 10.  There were times when we wondered how she would make it out of childhood.  Though I know she is still a child she is mature beyond her years.  She has been through a lot in her 10 years of life and has an outlook that many adults lack.  We were thankful for her 10 years ago and we are ever the more thankful for her today!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

You know what they say about close...

it only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  In this case, the kick by Diego Forlán that hit the cross bar, was not close enough to tie up the game in order for Uruguay to have extra time against Germany.  Sadly, that slightly too high kick won Germany the Bronze medal in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup this year certainly was amazing.  It was more than thrilling when the soccer "giants" Brazil and Argentina were both eliminated fouling up their plans for a finals match against one another, only to see the under dog South American country of Uruguay advance through to the 3rd place match.  Even though they lost, it was a great game if I may say so myself.

 Without a doubt Uruguayans are disappointed.  Nevertheless, it has been exciting to watch our adopted country rally up behind their team and encourage them, even though they didn't make it to the first place match.  This little country of only 3 million people surprised the world with their "triple threat" and "fantastic four".  While South African crowds booed Luis Suárez we know he will be cheered for in Montevideo.  And I for one sure wish we were in country to witness firsthand the homecoming of La Celeste.  I can almost hear the cheering now, "Soy celeste, soy celeste, celeste soy yo!!!!"

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some Answers

After all the tests and exams we have some answers and have a plan to help deal with one of my major health issues.  My blood work came back good, for the most part and we were already aware of one of the things that was not in the normal range.  I will have 2 outpatient procedures done on the 19th that will allow for me to get continued treatment for this one ailment.

I had a stress test, to completely rule out my chest pain as being heart related.  We do not have the results back from that, however, my doctor isn't expecting anything major or he would have been notified already.  We are also waiting for some results back from some normal annual exams.

Though we still don't know the reason of the chest pain I am trusting that God will reveal that to the doctors in His timing.  It would be nice to be free of the pain but thankfully I have learned better to live with it, or at the least, tolerate it.

Thank you again for your prayers.  No doubt God was answering them as he arranged through our doctors office to get every test and exam done that I did in 3 short days.  Truly a miracle, especially the week before a holiday!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Well, my doctor and his staff have done it again.  I had several tests run yesterday both in his office and at the hospital.  Will go back to the hospital this afternoon for more tests.  Tomorrow I will see another doctor to have some things checked.  And will end the day back at my doctor's to get the results of everything.  Please pray that the reason for my physical ailments will be clear and we can get them resolved.