Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seeing Family Doctor Hoping For Some Answers

Yesterday I was pulled off some of my medicines because of complications I am experiencing.  It just so happened (in those God type of "coincidences") that our home church Pastor and his wife were visiting us for the day.  When we found out I could get an appointment with our family doctor for today they offered to bring me home with them.

So long story short I'll FINALLY be seeing my family doctor in person.  We have a great amount of confidence in him and he has been a tremendous help to us over the years.  I am really hoping, and praying, that once he sees me in person today he will know what is causing my pain and other health issues I've been experiencing.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers today as the Lord brings me to mind.  Pray for Dr. C to have wisdom and discernment.  Also pray that if I need to see a specialist I will be able to get in quickly so I can get back with my family sooner. 

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Update on the little but big prayer request.

I just wanted you all to know that there have been some improvements in some struggles I asked prayer for on May 11th.  I'm still having a hard time physically and I am able to finally able to sleep through the night, more or less, I still am up 1 or 2 times and that is with some medicinal help.

I did have some blood tests run and we discovered a physiological problem that is causing my insomnia as well as some of the other physical and emotional issues.  I started treatment for this about 3 weeks ago.  I am finally seeing some improvement and hope to be better from those issues in 3-6 months.  

However, I'm still experiencing the chest pain.  I had 10 days where I didn't, or at least it was so minimal I didn't notice but then it was back full force.  My chiropractor believes it is Costochondritis - inflammation of the breastbone and front ribs.  And with physical therapy, good posture and time it will heal.  I have felt better under his care than I have in years.  Especially having the scoliosis in my lower back worked on and my pelvis correctly aligned.

I had someone suggest to me that I may have fibromyalgia.  At this point only God really knows what is going on.  I plan to see my family doctor when we are in Michigan later this month.  Hopefully once he can look over all my exams and see me personally he'll be able to help us figure out what is happening.  Please pray God would reveal to him what is happening or lead in the right direction.  

Disney Trip

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder because I lacked pictures to share with you all.  Brandon and Kaitlin were the only ones to take their cameras, I didn't want to have that added responsibility on top of 8 kids in a crowd.  Anyway...thanks to the Lord's provision we were able to take a trip to Disney World the last part of May.  It was one of the best family trips we've ever had!  With 5 days in the parks there wasn't much any rest happening but the memories we have are priceless!  Absolutely priceless!  Enjoy the pictures!!!

All the kids with Lightning McQueen and Mater.

Silas did this when anything was amazing to him.  We called it the "Thrill Factor".
Brandon and Kaitlin took pictures everyday we headed to a new park.  They'll love me for this one.
Silas thought I needed to wear his hat while we waited in line for It's  Small World.
Simeon's hat gained all kinds of attention even the people in the Disney Gift Shops asked where we bought his hat...Wal Mart.  lol.

Adeline and Brandon on Dumbo.  We waited longer in line for this ride than any other.  Crazy!

2nd longest wait was for the Toy Story ride and it was great!  Very interactive and lots of fun.  Even the wait to go in was all decorated like we were toys in a kids bedroom.  An hispanic lady in line in front of us took to Silas because he understood Spanish and share her popcorn with him.