Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gantt Street

Our relationship as missionaries with Gantt Street began several years ago during Bible College.  Scott had stayed faithful to the course of school but he still had about a 1 1/2 of studies to go because he was limited by finances and no regular work.  

That particular summer he had felt it was necessary to do some summer school even though that meant he wouldn't have money saved up for the fall semester.  Though there was some trepidation over this we always had the money when we needed it, and so, believed it would be no different that time.  Little did we know that Scott was about to become the beneficiary of a scholarship.  

Not only did this scholarship come from Gantt Street but a commitment to prayer.  We added them to our prayer letter list (Yes, we even sent those out in Bible college.) and they saw first hand the blessing their gift was to us.  

Six years ago we were in their missions conference and were blessed again.  I'm not sure when they picked us for support but they have been faithful to our family.  They have encouraged us in word and in prayer.  So it was a blessing to be back "home" with them this past Sunday.  And just like family everyone remarked about how much our children had grown.   

Our presentation was not shown because we had a hard time with the sound.  Something about their system being wireless.  (Don't ask me, I just put the display up. :-)  So they listened to a brief 5 minute report from Scott.  Then later Scott gave the DVD to Pastor so he could see the presentation later.