Monday, July 31, 2006

A ways to go yet.

A week ago we reached the almost finished mark - 92% of our support has come in!!! This past week has been filled with ups and downs. The excitement and thrill of being so close the end of deputation and the reality of so much that still has to happen.

Though we are so close to being finished it seems we are starting over again. Another 8% to go in support before we reach the lofty 100% mark, plus another 2/3rds of our outfit and passage fund is needed and we need to figure out just when to buy the plane tickets. And lets not forget that our house must sell too. Boy that's a lot that needs to get done and really it's all in God's timing. Now if only we can remember that.

One thing has been settled, our commissioning service is set for October 15th. If we have all of the above criteria met we can leave for language school in Uruguay shortly after. Thankfully we serve a God Who created the heavens and the earth and NOTHING is impossible for Him. Our house has a showing tomorrow evening, maybe this is the family God has in mind to buy it.

Uruguay Bound,

The very first post

Welcome to the blog of Scott and Debbie Borrmann missionaries to Uruguay - 33 Degrees Below Zero (the equator). For me, Debbie, this is exciting, Scott on the other hand is happy I'll do most of the writing-must be the engineer in him. The plan is to share all we can about our lives and ministry in Uruguay.