Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some Answers

After all the tests and exams we have some answers and have a plan to help deal with one of my major health issues.  My blood work came back good, for the most part and we were already aware of one of the things that was not in the normal range.  I will have 2 outpatient procedures done on the 19th that will allow for me to get continued treatment for this one ailment.

I had a stress test, to completely rule out my chest pain as being heart related.  We do not have the results back from that, however, my doctor isn't expecting anything major or he would have been notified already.  We are also waiting for some results back from some normal annual exams.

Though we still don't know the reason of the chest pain I am trusting that God will reveal that to the doctors in His timing.  It would be nice to be free of the pain but thankfully I have learned better to live with it, or at the least, tolerate it.

Thank you again for your prayers.  No doubt God was answering them as he arranged through our doctors office to get every test and exam done that I did in 3 short days.  Truly a miracle, especially the week before a holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for his goodness and some answers! I have been praying for you and will continue to do so... especially for Dr. C and your upcoming procedures on the 19th.

Yours in Christ,
Patricia Paulichen