Monday, September 18, 2006

All I Need is Jesus

After sitting in one place on the freeway for almost an hour we are finally on our way back to Michigan from Nitro, West Virginia. We were here this week for Twin City Bible Church's 2006 missions conference. This week has been remarkable.

We were privileged to stay in the White House. Ok, so it wasn't THE White House but the home of Bob and Nikki White. But I'll tell you we were treated like honored guests. The children had a fun time playing with the Whites. And we thoroughly enjoyed their fellowship.

Twin City is a supporting church and so it was nice to reconnect with people and make new friends. We have really enjoyed the opportunities to "report" in our supporting churches and TCBC is no exception. We enjoyed the fellowship with church members and other missionaries at Pastor Bill and Mrs. Egerdahls home last night. And we believe we have gained some dear new friends.

The theme of the conference was All That I Need is Jesus, the music and preaching all directed our hearts towards this fact. But the final service was especially used of God to challenge our hearts. Tom Huckel, missionary to the Jewish People, was the preacher and he has the ability to share truths from the Word that shed new light on our relationship with God.

Right now, as we finish deputation, we have many pressures and concerns. When will our house sell? Will we receive all we need for our outfit and passage? How long will it be before we have 100% support? Our house sale, O&P, and support are all genuine needs; but do they supercede our need for a relationship with Jesus? I admit I have been looking at life solely through my "field goggles" and lost sight of the Joy of my salvation. I have allowed the circumstances of life to discourage me. Forgetting that my true need is a growing dependance upon God. God will work out all the details in His good pleasure, and won't it be wonderful when He does?!

Can you truly say, "All I need is Jesus!"? If not, why not? Is your hope for salvation fixed upon the finished work of the cross? Or are you still trying to work out your salvation through good works? Will you allow God to give you the Joy of Salvation through Jesus Christ?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

This past Labor Day weekend was quite remarkable for us. Our family walked in a Labor Day parade and helped pass out over 1800 John and Romans packets. It was exciting for us to be able to put the Word of God into hands of men and women with the prayer that they will read it and God will show them their need for salvation. A glimpse for us of our future work in Uruguay.

Sunday was spent at South Park Baptist Church in Crown Point, Indiana. They have supported us now for over a year and will be packing our container, as well as mailing our Borrmann Beacon while we are on the field. A couple from this church, The B's, will be flying down to Uruguay with us. We stay with them when we are in Crown Point and the kids especially enjoyed this weekend with them. It's such a relief to have good friends flying with us and helping us to get settled in our new home. Of course we're thrilled to be able to show them the work in Uruguay. Pray for them they have a BIG job!

Some friends took the girls shopping at the American Girl Place in Chicago. It was a lot of fun for them to get something special for their dolls. Isabel was so happy to get a Bitty Baby doll, an early birthday present from her Grandma Jay. The guys got to go to the Chicago Fire pro soccer game where they were caught on camera for the local news. Wish I had a picture of it!

As we prepare to leave for Uruguay we have made several lists of all different categories. The longest has been our container list which includes everything we are shipping into the country. Friday we were able to take our needed furniture list to an overstock/damaged goods warehouse and tick some things off. I'll not bore you in listing all we bought but God was so good to give us great deals. Everything we purchased should have cost us over $15,000 retail and $7,000 on sale. The manager was very generous and sold us everything for $2,400. We still have a few things on our list that we are hoping to get from the same place.