Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Portions for Double Digits

Our little Addie is growing up and we can hardly believe she is now in the double digits.  Wasn't I just writing this about Beth?

This year we celebrated her birthday over several days.  A few days before her big day we went to the American Girl Doll place where she got a Just Like Me doll that is actually just like her Peruvian friend in Uruguay, Debora.  She opened her presents on her actual birthday.  (Of which I have no pictures because my camera battery was dead.)  Then we took her out shopping to spend some of her birthday money from grandparents.  Finally we ended with the traditional birthday dinner alone with me and Scott!

It is always interesting to take Adeline out to a meal.  Her severe food allergies, and the challenge we have when explaining to every waiter who serves us that certain things - dairy, eggs, peanuts, beef and shellfish - could kill her, usually cause us some anxiety.  They typically are accommodating and our allergy queen ends up with a somewhat healthy decent meal that doesn't cause an allergic reaction.  Although, there have been times when she has had bacon and applesauce to eat and nothing more I can assure you that she has been a good sport through all our travels.

Her choice for dinner was Red Lobster.  I know it's not exactly the place to take someone like her but she loves fish.  She ordered the broiled fish and broccoli (no butter, no seasonings) from the kids menu and it turned out that we should have ordered an adult portion.  She thought it was so yummy that her entire meal was gone before we had half of ours finished and she was begging for more.  It took a few minutes to get our servers attention and before long Adeline was savoring her second meal.

Adeline is our 4th child to reach the age of 10.  There were times when we wondered how she would make it out of childhood.  Though I know she is still a child she is mature beyond her years.  She has been through a lot in her 10 years of life and has an outlook that many adults lack.  We were thankful for her 10 years ago and we are ever the more thankful for her today!!!

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